Version: 0.14.0



ligo-compile-contract - Subcommand: Compile a contract.


ligo compile-contract [OPTION]... SOURCE_FILE ENTRY_POINT


This sub-command compiles a contract to Michelson code. It expects a source file and an entrypoint function that has the type of a contract: \"parameter * storage -> operations list * storage\".


ENTRY_POINT (required)

: ENTRY_POINT is entry-point that will be compiled.

SOURCE_FILE (required)

: SOURCE_FILE is the path to the smart contract file.



: disable Michelson typecking, this might produce ill-typed Michelson code.

--format=DISPLAY_FORMAT, --display-format=DISPLAY_FORMAT (absent=human-readable)

: DISPLAY_FORMAT is the format that will be used by the CLI. Available formats are `dev`, `json`, and `human-readable` (default). When human-readable lacks details (we are still tweaking it), please contact us and use another format in the meanwhile.

--help[=FMT] (default=auto)

: Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of `auto`, `pager`, `groff` or `plain`. With `auto`, the format is `pager` or `plain` whenever the TERM env var is `dumb` or undefined.


: enable type inferance

--michelson-format=MICHELSON_FORMAT (absent=text)

: MICHELSON_FORMAT is the format that will be used by compile-contract for the resulting Michelson. Available formats are `text` (default), `json` and `hex`.

--output-file=OUTPUT_FILE, --output=OUTPUT_FILE

: OUTPUT_FILE if used, prints the output into the specified file instead of stdout

-p PROTOCOL_VERSION, --protocol=PROTOCOL_VERSION (absent=current)

: PROTOCOL_VERSION will decide protocol`s types/values pre-loaded into the LIGO environment (edo). By default, the current protocol (edo) will be used

-s SYNTAX, --syntax=SYNTAX (absent=auto)

: SYNTAX is the syntax that will be used. Currently supported syntaxes are \"pascaligo\", \"cameligo\" and \"reasonligo\". By default, the syntax is guessed from the extension (.ligo, .mligo, .religo respectively).


: Show version information.

--warn=BOOL (absent=true)

: BOOL indicates whether warning messages should be printed in stderr or not

--werror=BOOL (absent=false)

: BOOL indicates whether warning messages should be treated as errors or not