Version: 0.25.0



ligo-preprocess - Subcommand: Preprocess the source file. Warning: Intended for development of LIGO and can break at any time.


ligo preprocess [OPTION]... SOURCE_FILE


This sub-command runs the pre-processor on a LIGO source file and outputs the result. The directive `#include` directly inlines the included file and therefore its content appears in the output. In contrast, the directive `#import` includes the file as a module and therefore the content of the imported file is not printed by this sub-command.


SOURCE_FILE (required)

: SOURCE_FILE is the path to the smart contract file.


--format=DISPLAY_FORMAT, --display-format=DISPLAY_FORMAT (absent=human-readable)

: DISPLAY_FORMAT is the format that will be used by the CLI. Available formats are `dev`, `json`, and `human-readable` (default). When human-readable lacks details (we are still tweaking it), please contact us and use another format in the meanwhile.

--help[=FMT] (default=auto)

: Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of `auto`, `pager`, `groff` or `plain`. With `auto`, the format is `pager` or `plain` whenever the TERM env var is `dumb` or undefined.

-s SYNTAX, --syntax=SYNTAX (absent=auto)

: SYNTAX is the syntax that will be used. Currently supported syntaxes are \"pascaligo\", \"cameligo\", \"reasonligo\" and \"jsligo\". By default, the syntax is guessed from the extension (.ligo, .mligo, .religo, and .jsligo respectively).


: Show version information.