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Version: 0.65.0


Currently Ligo can be installed on Linux and MacOS. It still possible to use it on Windows through WSL or docker.

You can also try LIGO in a Gitpod environment

Open in Gitpod

Static Linux binary

The ligo executable is statically linked. It should run on most modern Linux distributions.

You can get the rolling release here, make it executable, and you are done!

chmod +x ./ligo

For a specific version, you can visit our release page.
Optionally, you can put it somewhere in your PATH for easy access:

sudo cp ./ligo /usr/local/bin


Try our tap,

brew tap ligolang/ligo
brew install ligolang/ligo/ligo

Debian Linux package installation

A .deb package containing the static ligo executable is also available. First, download the package, and then install using:

sudo apt install ./ligo.deb

Arch User repository

It's possible to install latest release of ligo through AUR

git clone
cd ligo-bin
makepkg -si

Or through tools like yay

yay -S ligo-bin

Dockerised installation

If you've installed 🐳 Docker, you can run the latest LIGO release :

Linux or OSX:

docker run --rm -v "$PWD":"$PWD" -w "$PWD" ligolang/ligo:0.67.1

For convenience you can alias the above command

alias ligo='docker run --rm -v "$PWD":"$PWD" -w "$PWD" ligolang/ligo:0.67.1'

To make this alias persistent across terminal sessions you need to configure your shell.
Here is a good link with the steps on how to do that.


docker run --rm -v "%CD%":/cd -w /cd ligolang/ligo:0.67.1`

For convenience you can alias the above command

doskey ligo=docker run --rm -v "%CD%":/cd -w /cd ligolang/ligo:0.67.1 $*

To make the alias persistent across terminal sessions you need to add the doskey to the Windows Registry.
Follow this stackoverflow answer for the steps on how to do that.

Or if you want the development version, replace the version above with next.

Or run one of the older versions found on DockerHub.



Windows version is beta quality and is still working in progress. Please report any issues found and feature requests.

via NPM

Windows users can install LIGO via NPM.

npm i -g ligolang@windows-beta

via GUI installer

You can download the installer from here hosted on our Gitlab.


The installer use nodejs you will need to install it if it's not already done.

Working around the "unrecognised app" warning screen

The installer hasn't been signed with a recognized Windows Developer ID. So for now, you might see the following. Unrecognised App Warning

For now, you'll have to click on More info, and then, Run anyway. Run Anyway


Releases are available at the releases page of GitLab project. All the artifacts are attached there.

If you wish to see the changelog, you can either run ligo changelog or go to this page. It contains links to corresponding releases, should you wish to download the artifacts.