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Version: 0.67.1

How to transpile a contract from PascaLIGO to JsLIGO ?

For a given PascaLIGO contract, called contract.ligo for example.

Step 1 : Compilation in the source syntax (PascaLIGO)

First, make sure that your PascaLIGO code compiles with the current version of the LIGO compiler :

ligo compile contract --deprecated contract.ligo

Step 2 : Transpilation

Then, to transpile the contract to JsLIGO, if you want to save the transpiled contract to a file called transpiled_contract.jsligo for example, use :

ligo transpile contract contract.ligo -o transpiled_contract.jsligo

Or if you want to dump the transpiled contract to the standard output, you can use :

ligo transpile contract contract.ligo --to-syntax jsligo

Note : The ligo compiler guesses the syntax of the source file thanks to its file extension (.ligo here), but to be extra explicit, you can also use the --from-syntax to specify the syntax of the source file.

Step 3 : Compilation in the target syntax (JsLIGO)

To compile the translated contract, use ligo compile contract as usual, but don't forget to add the --transpiled flag to the command line.

The --transpiled flag will tell the LIGO compiler that the JsLIGO contract comes from transpilation, and will thus disable certain checks that don't make sense with transpiled contracts.

ligo compile contract --transpiled foo.jsligo