Version: 0.49.0

mutate ast


ligo mutate ast SOURCE_FILE


This sub-command returns a mutated version for a given file. It does not use the build system.


--display-format FORMAT the format that will be used by the CLI. Available formats are 'dev', 'json', and 'human-readable' (default). When human-readable lacks details (we are still tweaking it), please contact us and use another format in the meanwhile. (alias: --format)

--library LIBS A comma-separated list of paths to directories where to search for files to be included by the preprocessor (alias: -l)

--seed SEED the seed or counter used for generation.

--syntax SYNTAX the syntax that will be used. Currently supported syntaxes are "pascaligo", "cameligo", "reasonligo" and "jsligo". By default, the syntax is guessed from the extension (.ligo, .mligo, .religo, and .jsligo respectively). (alias: -s)

-generator GEN the generator for mutation. (alias: -g)

-p PROTOCOL choose protocol's types/values pre-loaded into the LIGO environment (jakarta , kathmandu). By default, the current protocol (jakarta) will be used (alias: --protocol)

-help print this help text and exit (alias: -?)