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smart contracts made easy

A simple smart-contract language
built for Tezos, made for developers.

Ligo Loves Everyone

So, we built it with multi-syntax.

type storage = int;
type ret = [list<operation>, storage];
// Three entrypoints
const increment = (delta: int, store: storage): ret =>
[[], store + delta];
const decrement = (delta: int, store: storage): ret =>
[[], store - delta];
const reset = (_p: unit, _s: storage): ret => [[], 0]
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Discover everything you need to safely interact with the Tezos blockchain.

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The Ligo team and the community are improving the smart-contract language every day. See the recent changes on our up-to-date Changelog.

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Ligo sources are available on our GitLab. Feel free to open an issue or contribute.

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Ligo is open-source and open for contributions. Join the Ligo team on GitLab and start contributing!

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The Ligo team and community have exposed some packages that you can reuse when developing your own contracts. Discover them on our registry!

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