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A friendly Smart Contract Language for Tezos

Smart contracts were never so easy

type storage is int
type parameter is
Increment of int
| Decrement of int
| Reset
type return is list (operation) * storage
// Two entrypoints
function add (const store : storage; const delta : int) : storage is
store + delta
function sub (const store : storage; const delta : int) : storage is
store - delta
(* Main access point that dispatches to the entrypoints according to
the smart contract parameter. *)
function main (const action : parameter; const store : storage) : return is
((nil : list (operation)), // No operations
case action of
Increment (n) -> add (store, n)
| Decrement (n) -> sub (store, n)
| Reset -> 0

Strong, Static Type System

Write types, then code. Benefit from the safety of type systems.


Code in your language. Write PascaLIGO, CameLIGO, ReasonLIGO or add your own syntax.

Easy Integration

You can use LIGO as a Node.js library with Truffle.

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