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Version: 1.5.0


Currently Ligo can be installed on Linux and MacOS. It still possible to use it on Windows through WSL or docker.

You can also try LIGO in a Gitpod environment

Open in Gitpod


Releases are available at the releases page of GitLab project. All the artifacts are attached there.

If you wish to see the changelog, you can either run ligo changelog or go to this page. It contains links to corresponding releases, should you wish to download the artifacts.


The ligo executable is statically linked. It should run on most modern Linux distributions.

You can get the rolling release here, make it executable, and you are done!

chmod +x ./ligo

For a specific version, you can visit our release page.
Optionally, you can put it somewhere in your PATH for easy access:

sudo cp ./ligo /usr/local/bin