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Version: 1.5.0

Cryptographic Signatures

The signature type is used for Tezos signatures (edsig, spsig). Signatures are created by casting a string. Beware of failure if the signature is invalid.

Here is how you can define a signature:

const my_sig: signature =
"edsigthTzJ8X7MPmNeEwybRAvdxS1pupqcM5Mk4uCuyZAe7uEk68YpuGDeViW8wSXMrCi5CwoNgqs8V2w8ayB5dMJzrYCHhD8C7" as


Sometimes a contract will want to check that a message has been signed by a particular key. For example, a point-of-sale system might want a customer to sign a transaction so it can be processed asynchronously. You can do this in LIGO using the key and signature types.

⚠️ There is no way to generate a signed message in LIGO. This is because that would require storing a private key on chain, at which point it is not... private anymore.

const check_signature =
(pk: key, signed: signature, msg: bytes) =>
Crypto.check(pk, signed, msg);