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Version: 1.3.0

compile contract


ligo compile contract SOURCE_FILE


This sub-command compiles a contract to Michelson code. It expects a source file and an entrypoint function that has the type of a contract: "parameter storage -> operations list storage".


--constants CONSTANTS A list of global constants that will be assumed in the context, separated by ',' (alias: -c)

--disable-michelson-typechecking Disable Michelson typecking, this might produce ill-typed Michelson code.

--display-format FORMAT the format that will be used by the CLI. Available formats are 'dev', 'json', and 'human-readable' (default). When human-readable lacks details (we are still tweaking it), please contact us and use another format in the meanwhile. (alias: --format)

--enable-michelson-typed-opt Enable Michelson optimizations that work using typecking.

--experimental-disable-optimizations-for-debugging Experimental: Disable certain optimizations in order to simplify the relationship between the source LIGO and the target Michelson. Intended for use with stepwise Michelson debuggers.

--file-constants FILE_CONSTANTS A file with a JSON list of strings with Michelson code. Those Michelson values will be registered as global constants in the context.

--library LIBS A comma-separated list of paths to directories where to search for files to be included by the preprocessor (alias: -l)

--michelson-comments COMMENT_TYPE .. Selects kinds of comments to be added to the Michelson output. Currently 'location' and 'env' are supported. 'location' propagates original source locations. 'env' inserts additional empty Seq nodes with comments relating the Michelson stack to the source LIGO environment.

--michelson-format CODE_FORMAT format that will be used by compile-contract for the resulting Michelson. Available formats are 'text' (default), 'json', 'msgpack' and 'hex'.

--no-color disable coloring in CLI output

--no-metadata-check disable TZIP-16 metadata compliance check

--no-stdlib disable stdlib inclusion.

--no-warn disable warning messages

--output-file FILENAME if used, prints the output into the specified file instead of stdout (alias: -o)

--project-root PATH The path to root of the project.

--skip-analytics Avoid ligo analytics publication. Configurable with environment variable LIGO_SKIP_ANALYTICS too

--syntax SYNTAX the syntax that will be used. Currently supported syntaxes are "cameligo" and "jsligo". By default, the syntax is guessed from the extension (.mligo and .jsligo respectively). (alias: -s)

--transpiled Disable checks that are unapplicable to transpiled contracts.

--views VIEWS (this command is deprecated) A list of declaration name that will be compiled as on-chain views, separated by ',' (alias: -v)

--warn-infinite-loop warn about infinite loop

--warn-unused-rec warn about unused recursion in a recursive function

--werror treat warnings as errors

-e ENTRY-POINT (this command is deprecated) the entry-point that will be compiled. (alias: --entry-point)

-m MODULE the entry-point will be compiled from that module. (alias: --module)

-p PROTOCOL choose protocol's types/values pre-loaded into the LIGO environment (mumbai , nairobi). By default, the current protocol (nairobi) will be used (alias: --protocol)

-help print this help text and exit (alias: -?)