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Version: 1.6.0





The LigoLANG compiler


compile compile a ligo program to michelson

transpile Transpile ligo code from a syntax to another

transpile-with-ast [BETA] transpile ligo code from a syntax to another

run compile and interpret ligo code

info tools to get information from contracts

repl interactive ligo interpreter

init Initialize a new ligo project from template. Contract or library.

changelog print the ligo changelog

print print intermediary program representation. Warning: Intended for development of LIGO and can break at any time

install install LIGO dependencies declared in ligo.json

lsp [BETA] launch a LIGO lsp server

doc [BETA] Generate a documentation for your project

analytics Manage analytics

registry Commands to interact with Ligo Package Registry

version print version information

help explain a given subcommand (perhaps recursively)