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Version: 1.3.0

print ast-unified


ligo print ast-unified SOURCE_FILE


This sub-command prints the source file in the AST unified stage (with nanopasses).


--display-format FORMAT the format that will be used by the CLI. Available formats are 'dev', 'json', and 'human-readable' (default). When human-readable lacks details (we are still tweaking it), please contact us and use another format in the meanwhile. (alias: --format)

--hide-sort restrict sorts shown in s-exp. available sorts: "ty_expr""pattern""instruction""statement""block""declaration""mod_expr""expr""program""program_entry" (alias: -hide)

--library LIBS A comma-separated list of paths to directories where to search for files to be included by the preprocessor (alias: -l)

--nanopass NANOPASS the nanopass name before/after which we stop executing the nanopasses. Use NAME+ for after and NAME for before, case do not matter (only for debug prints) (alias: -nano)

--no-color disable coloring in CLI output

--project-root PATH The path to root of the project.

--show-loc show location in s-expressions

--skip-analytics Avoid ligo analytics publication. Configurable with environment variable LIGO_SKIP_ANALYTICS too

--syntax SYNTAX the syntax that will be used. Currently supported syntaxes are "cameligo" and "jsligo". By default, the syntax is guessed from the extension (.mligo and .jsligo respectively). (alias: -s)

-help print this help text and exit (alias: -?)