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The #import directive is specific to the LIGO compiler. It provides the support for a minimal module system.

Namespaces get more handy when they can be made from a file, separate from our own program, like a library: when we import a namespace from such a file, we automatically obtain a namespace encapsulating all the definitions in it. This will become very handy for organising large contracts, as we can divide it into different files, and the namespace system keeps the naming space clean (no need for name mangling).

Generally, we will take a set of definitions that can be naturally grouped by functionality, and put them together in a separate file. For example, we can create a file euro.jsligo:

export type t = nat;
export const add = (a: t, b: t): t => a + b;
export const one: t = 1n;
export const two: t = 2n;

In another file, we can import euro.jsligo as a namespace, and use its definitions. For example, we can create a main.jsligo that imports all definitions from euro.jsligo as the namespace Euro:

#import "gitlab-pages/docs/modules/src/euro.jsligo" "Euro"
type storage = Euro.t;
const tip = (s : storage) : storage =>
Euro.add (s,;