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New primitives / behaviour

Subtraction operator -

The behaviour of the subtraction operator - on values of type tez has been changed in protocol Ithaca.

Subtracting values of type tez yeilds on optional value. (This emits the SUB_MUTEZ Michelson instruction)

let d : option<tez> = (5 as mutez) - (1 as mutez); /* Some (4mutez) */
let e : option<tez> = (1 as mutez) - (5 as mutez); /* None */

Option Module

let map: (f : ((item: 'a) => 'b), value : option<'a>) => option<'b>

Applies the mapper function to the value if it is wrapped in the Some constructor.

If the value is None the function is not executed/applied.

Feature no longer supported


let set_now = (now: timestamp) => unit

We no longer support Test.set_now in LIGO 0.38.0 onwards, this is because the underlying functions used by the LIGO Testing framework do not support setting exact timestamps.