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New types


type tx_rollup_l2_address

A type used to identify accounts on transaction rollups’ legders. Values of type tx_rollup_l2_address are 20-byte hashes of a BLS public keys (with a string notation based of a base58 encoding, prefixed with tz4).

New primitives


let min_block_time: unit => nat;

Returns the current minimal time between blocks, the value is obtained from the protocol’s minimal_block_delay constant.

Breaking changes

Voting power

The voting power of a contract is no longer rounded to rolls. It is now instead the full staking power of the delegate, currently expressed in mutez. Though, developers should not rely on Tezos.voting_power to query the staking power of a contract in mutez: the value returned by Tezos.voting_power is still of typenat and it should only be considered relative toTezos.total_voting_power`.