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Version: 1.6.0

What is the registry?

The LIGO Registry is a website that gathers reusable resources for the LIGO ecosystem and provide a way to audit your packages. It's important to note that it's still a beta for now.


Packages are similar to libraries. They're pieces of code made by the community or the LIGO team that you can reuse when you develop your own contracts. You can refer to the documentation on each packages to know how they work and to install them.

How to publish my own package?

You can refer to this documentation to learn how to turn LIGO files into a library and publish them.


You'll be able to find a collection of contracts which are templates for your Dapps. Rather than developing from scratch common patterns such as NFT, randomness or multisig, you can use our contracts.


Dapps are similar to contracts, but rather than only having the LIGO contracts, you'll find a full template of Dapp including contracts and frontend.